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Hey potheads, how’s it going? Are you flying the friendly skies again? Awesome! You know what would be even more awesome? A talking monkey. I mean, come on, who doesn’t like talking monkeys? Wait, I think that is the answer to some other question. Damn that OG Kush. Flying together. Right! That was the answer! If you are a member of our fast growing Facebook page with more than 1,600,000 fans, you know that we are an awesome community of people with a common interest – marijuana.
One of the main goals of our mission is to break the stigma that stoners have to live with! We all have good education, we are motivated and we work hard every day and we are living up to our beliefs. Nobody should ever feel bad for being label as “stoner” or “pothead”.

Our mission also includes pushing the legalization of marijuana all around the world. People shouldn’t have to travel thousands of miles just to go to a place where they can lawfully puff a joint. Cannabis is given to us by nature, so every human being is entitled, by natural law, to use this herb as they please. Doesn’t the idea of making laws against nature seem to you a little… just a little… unnatural

If you are just as passionate about marijuana and cannabis as we are, then we warmly invite you to join our international community. We are confident you will like it here.