90's Kid strugglin along.
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Commented on Cannabis Strain Testing 420 Project
Thanks for the post! You are very welcome here. :)

Commented on This was new years day I wish I could go back too that day.
Feeling you bro. Should have seen my setup fro new years eve. :)

Commented on Lego Bong
Lol, this bong saw some action I can tell from the heavy traces of use on it.

Commented on Weed Humour
How awesome is that?! Do you got any more of these pictures?

Commented on joint man
I see Tekken and Weed. I upvote! :)

Commented on High Hopes
Well said, way to go! ;)

Commented on Snoop Dogg loves MoonRocks
Ouh would love to get my hands on these babies. :)

Commented on We chillin
Nice smoking action with your buddy. ;)

Commented on The DEA Finally Removes Some Cannabis Myths from Website
Well was about damn time they did it. Now they should proceed in doing so by removing all the other lies they keep up there.

Commented on As cool as brewing your own beer
But they have to do it secretly. Hope that changes soon. :)
Morgan Freeman
Commented on Morgan Freeman About Cannabis: β€œI’ll Eat It, Drink It, Smoke It, Snort It”
Yeah he is not one of those celebs who outting themselves, now that it is cool.

Commented on Effects on the memory
Haha you are killing me! :D

Commented on After 6 month of legalization
Nice post. Well that does speak for itself.

Commented on How times have changed...
Jup was about time that started to happen.

Commented on Philipine Cannabis ..
Yeah i recently read about what is going on there atm... Really looking forward to that article. Way to go! :)

Commented on Philipine Cannabis ..
Yeah man alcohol is what destroys you!

Commented on Paranoid?
That shit freaks me out like always when it happens!