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If you are avid marijuana smoker, you know that there are many different qualities of 420 available. Cannabis species have become a highly developed plant with a number of genetic strains.

Cannabis Strains You Should Know

Each of these genic strains has different qualities. Most we  know is that they want to choose the best quality cannabis in order to experience the best high for their money. Processing is one of the elements that goes into excellent marijuana, but differences in plants will determine the quality of the final product. You cant make high-quality 420, if you dont start with the right cannabis species. This guide will examine some of our common types of marijuana plants that are available today.

Don Shula (DSL)

Source: http://hightimes.com/

Don Shula won the third place for the Best Hybrid Flower at 2016 Colorado Cannabis Cup competition. This hybrid was created by a combination allowed the development of a strain that sits upright the body and mind. Its quality produces a pungent, but comfortable 420 experience. It is also known by cannabis users to produce a long-lasting high, compared to its predecessors, True OG and Coast Sour Diesel. It is bound to be a hit with International Highlifewho are enthusiasts of indica dominant strains. This is a strain that is meant for cannabis connoisseurs. In general, this marijuana made the smokers more creative, energetic, euphoric, focused, and relaxed, but it did have a tendency to create dry mouth.

The White..

Source: https://www.theweedblog.com

The White is a classic strain that originated somewhere in Florida. Its name comes from the numerous white flowers that make it look like confectioners sugar. It is considered to be a highly potent marijuana strain by International Highlife and has a smell and flavor found in many West Coast varieties. The White has been used recently as the foundation stock for many new strains that wish to achieve the maximum potency, odor, and flavor. It provides a smoker with an equal experience in the body and the head. This classic strain made the smokers feel relaxed, but did not produce the happy, euphoric, and uplifted effect of other strains. It also rated low on its ability to focus the International Highlife concentration. It said to have an earthy, yet pine like flavor. It is considered an excellent foundation stock for the development of other strains, but on its own, it has a few qualities that make it less than desirable. For instance, it has a tendency to cause extreme dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, headache, and paranoia. This means that it may not be right for everyone.

Blue Dream

Source: http://www.medicalmarijuanastrains.com/

Blue Dream is a dominant strain that originated in California. It is considered legendary among the West Coast strains. It produces a calm, relaxed euphoria with a sweet aroma that has a slight blueberry hint. The best part about Blue Dream for International Highlife is that it does this without a sedative effect. This makes it an excellent choice for daytime medical marijuana usage. This is a high THC containing strain that has been used in medical marijuana experiments or pain, depression, and nausea. Its main use is in medical marijuana. It leaves the smoker happy, relaxed, and uplifted, but its euphoric effects are not its main highlight. It is also not a strain used to evoke the greatest creativity among the users. The high THC content of this strain made it likely to produce dry mouth and in some users dry eyes. However, its side effects of paranoia, dizziness, and headaches were lower than many of the more recreational strains. This strain is a good candidate for those who want to smoke cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Girl Scout Cookies

Source: https://www.allbud.com

Girl Scout Cookies is a new hybrid cross that also began on the West Coast, but West Coast cannabis users could not keep it to themselves and it quickly spread across the country with its sweet and earthy aroma. The experience of this marijuana strain is full-bodied and produces one of the best rated euphoric effects and relaxation, which is what makes it so popular. The user of this strain feels like they can bend time. This strain is the winner of numerous cannabis cup awards in the past and is excellent for patients that need really fast relief for conditions such as severe pain, nausea, or loss of appetite. There are several sub strains of this species that are often sold using the Girl Scout Cookies name. One should be sure that what they are getting is the true species, because some of the other strains produce more negative effects than the true strain. This strain will produce a fast acting high in most International Highlife.

OG Kush

Source: http://www.thecannabist.co/

OG Kush is a strain that every marijuana smoker should know. It is the foundational strain of many West Coast varieties, but no one seems to know where this strain came from originally. One of the popular myths surrounding the strain is that it goes back to Hindu culture in ancient times. There are many varieties that display the distinctive bud structure of this cannabis species. There are many different subspecies of OG Kush. The reason for the popularity of this strain as the foundational stock or other strains is that it has the ability to annihilate stress with its heavy euphoric effects. The smoke reminds the smoker of earthy pine with a hint of woody and sour lemon undertones. It has found its way into medical marijuana usage, particularly to treat migraines, ADD/ADHD, and disorders related to stress. One of the effects that it is most known for is that it does not produce intense hunger, but it is highly rated for its relaxation qualities. It has a low incidence of side effects such as paranoia, dizziness, and headaches, but it does have a tendency to produce a dry mouth. This is one strain that every smoker should know.

These are five of the most common strains that one will find today. It is important to choose the right marijuana for your needs and preferences. If you are using marijuana to treat a medical condition, the best thing you can do is to do your research and choose a strain that is right for your condition. This guide will help you to understand the qualities of some of the most popular strains, but you should check with your local dispensary if you want to know more.

  • Melissa Prashad says:

    lm a 62 yo lifetime user but live in Minnesota where there is little to choose from.we don’t get much, prices are high, and no one knows what they r smoking.Any hints? we get a bag of pretty good stuff, but what is it. Never looks like the ones pictured. how can u tell what strain u have?

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