Fifty Years of Israeli Cannabis Research Funded By US Government

February 1, 2017
Fifty Years of Israeli Cannabis Research Funded By US Government


It seems as if all this research on the benefits is just surfacing when the plant has been in use for centuries.

Research Funded By US Government

Cannabis Law Reformation is a topic on a lot of ballots and agendas these days. With all the research and testimonials about the numerous benefits of THC, CBD, Cannabis, and Hemp, it is hard not to wonder why this has not been on the hot plate sooner. It seems as if all this research on the benefits is just surfacing when the plant has been in use for centuries.

The US has been reluctantly funding research on marijuana, cannabis, THC, and CBD in very limited areas over the past few decades. The research the government seems to want to fund locally is all based on the negative side effects of marijuana use, not the benefits. There are very few projected funded federally each year. Less than 300 people are said to participate. The focus is on finding the negative side of marijuana and not the mountains of independent research showing the overwhelming benefits.

Instead of researching the “supposed benefits”, why not just pretend they do not exist.

Meanwhile, in another country, not so long ago...


“It started in 1963, when Mechoulam applied for NIH (National Institute of Health) funding and was told that cannabis research wasn’t of interest to the agency because marijuana wasn’t an “American problem,” recalls Mechoulam. “They told me to let them know when I have something more relevant to the U.S.” A year later, Mechoulam received another call from the same official. A U.S. senator, whose name the official withheld from Mechoulam, had caught his son smoking weed. The senator had asked the NIH what effect the drug might have on his son’s brain. To the embarrassment of America’s top public health agency, no one could answer the question; there was no research on file. The NIH official asked Mechoulam if he was still working on cannabis. For the next 45 years, the NIH gave Mechoulam’s team approximately $100,000 per year to study, for example, how cannabinoids can lower human resistance to antibiotics.”

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Is it any wonder that we are hearing about covert research being carried out on foreign soil, funded by Americans, yet being withheld from the American Public? Should we be surprised that the same research was going on and being funded while the American Public was being denied the benefit of the research?


While Big Pharma dumps buckets of cold, hard cash into fighting the legalization of its mortal enemy – cannabis – the US Government has been funding its research for years, just do not ask them about it.

Big Pharma sees legalization as a major threat to its already gargantuan profit margins. It is any wonder that they are adamant that legalization be stopped at all cost? Big Pharma, along with Police and Guard unions, and Tobacco and Alcohol make up the largest groups protesting and lobbying against marijuana law reformation. It is easy to see how all these groups would see legalization as a detriment to their livelihood. Marijuana, cannabis, and the like, have been in the foreground of this “war” since its inception.

Sure, the police and guards will see fewer prisoners. I would think less money spent on housing marijuana users would mean more money for issues that deserve notice, like pensions for officers and funds set up for the families of those who die protecting us.

I would love to see the US of A put money into our veterans, not our prisons.

The American Public is awakening to the reality of cannabis being viable in a myriad of medical applications. Meanwhile, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), based on the recommendations of the FDA, has taken a hard-nosed stance on the legalization of marijuana: nope.

The DEA is the spearhead of the now infamous, yet vastly debated, “War on Drugs” which was first brought into existence under the leadership of our very own Ronald Reagan. The main spokesperson for this new campaign was none other than Mrs. Nancy Reagan. It is a good example of the type of mentality of the time. Older, conservative, and less than receptive to new ideas.

We can say that, as with all out-dated ways of thought, they were doing what they thought best for society at the time.

By ...or can we?

It seems as if covert and open research operations around the world are showing that the benefits of cannabis are, by far, outweighing the negatives.

So, why is the US Government denying the results of this research??

I think that’s a very good question to be asking.

Marijuana, Cannabis, THC, and the like are all being categorized under a Schedule 1 Drug with “no currently accepted medical use.” NO CURRENTLY ACCEPTED MEDICAL USE? They have got to be joking, right? Sadly, they are not. At least, they expect us to take it seriously.

Please explain to me why cannabis use in medicine dates back over three thousand (3,000) years yet is not currently accepted for medical use. While the world is acknowledging the benefits, our government lets us look like idiots to the rest of the world. It is not as if we will ever learn the truth about cannabinoids, right? Is that arrogant, or is it just me?

The medical field sees fit to use it for thousands of years, but suddenly it has no medical purpose. Uh huh. Thank you for that useless bit of propaganda. Feeling good about that one?

While one side of our government was prosecuting and persecuting those found in possession of marijuana, the other side was funding research long before the war. Countless lives have been adversely affected by the senseless war on a plant which has been recognized for thousands of years.

…and here we are funding research in another country which is destroying the ideas being presented to the American Public about cannabis, marijuana, THC, and CBD.

Fast forward to this century, decade, and year.


The American Public is being shown the truth about cannabis by independent researchers. There is mountain upon mountain of evidence that has surfaced regarding cannabinoids, cannabis and cannabis extracts.

The American Epilepsy Society is touting CBD Oil (a compound found in cannabis and industrial hemp) as the best known treatment for epilepsy. That sounds like some pretty impressive backing.

Raphael Mechoulam, now 84, was the first person to isolate the structure of both cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). He also performed the first tests for the medicinal value of THC.

While researching in Israel, he was receiving $100,000 per year to research various projects involving marijuana, THC, and CBD. Mechoulam was able to discover what was called the “endocannabinoid system.” Endocannabinoids and their receptors are found throughout the body: in the brain, organs, connective tissues, glands, and immune cells. In each tissue, the cannabinoid system performs different tasks, but the goal is always the same: homeostasis, the maintenance of a stable internal environment despite fluctuations in the external environment.

Although this man was revolutionizing the way the medical field looks at cannabis, the results of his research were denied and ignored. The Government and the NIH was paying this man $100,000 a year to research the very thing for which countless lives were being destroyed.

The research funded is the basis for much of our current medical and scientific understanding of cannabis. This research should have been used to guide marijuana, cannabis, THC, and CBD law reformation. Instead, it was hidden away like the freaky cousin no one wants to explain.

“Marijuana was an integral part of American medicine for more than 100 years, from the 1830s through the 1940s, and it was used safely and effectively for all of that time,”

By Dr. Alan Shackelford

a Harvard-trained physician who prescribes medical marijuana in Colorado.

Those with the conditions found to be helped with cannabis or cannabis products should not have to struggle to gain access to relief. Countless people have needlessly suffered because of the callousness of the powers that be! The research should have been expanded as soon as there was the first hint of viability in medical application. Instead, they denied any and all knowledge of the very thing that could help, even save lives!

Mechoulam and those who followed in his researching footsteps are responsible for discoveries which help people around the world. Thousands of children around the world now receive THC drops to help cope with epilepsy and cancer.

“In 1992, Mechoulam and his team at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University made another groundbreaking discovery. Nearly 30 years after discovering that THC was responsible for the marijuana high, scientists still didn’t know exactly how the plant made the human mind and body react that way. Mechoulam and his team found the answer: THC triggered what they called the endocannabinoid system, which they figured out was the largest receptor system in the human body. Mechoulam’s team also determined that the human brain produces its own cannabinoids—two compounds that stimulate this receptor system almost exactly as THC does. They named one molecule 2AG and the other “anandamide,” after the Sanskrit word ananda, which means “bliss.” Mechoulam and other influential researchers believe that these compounds could alleviate dozens of diseases and ailments, including schizophrenia, diabetes, cancer, eating disorders, brain injuries and neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis…”

“We wouldn’t have the scientific interest we have now around the world without the discovery,” says Paul Armentano, deputy director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, an American nonprofit. “That really opened the door to making the study of cannabis and cannabinoids a legitimate avenue.” Since 1992, says Mechoulam, the formerly skeptical attitude of the medical community toward cannabis has changed completely. His research on anandamide, for example, has been cited in respected scientific journals some 4,000 times.”


Yet, still, the Federal Government stands firm in their claim that there is no viable medical use.

The research funded by our government for over 50 years shows exactly the opposite. How is it possible to look at the mountain of evidence being presented daily and still claim that marijuana is baseless in medicine?

Chronic pain, Crohn’s Disease, MS, arthritis, and much more are being treated using the research Mechoulam and his compadres discovered while under the employ of the good old American Government.

Mechoulam published a study finding that “the endocannabinoid system is involved in essentially every human disease.” Although the NIH has learned a lot, there is still much to be discovered.

Israel is among the countries leading the cannabis research, thanks in large part to the work of Mechoulam under the employ of the Federal Government. Israeli research is all government-sponsored while the US Government is playing patty-cake with the FDA over monetary profits and ignoring the welfare of the citizens.

Am I the only one that has issue with our money funding research that will not be used for our benefit? Why are we funding research just to make our own conclusions and assumptions anyway?

Israel is dubbed the United States’ “unofficial offshore medical marijuana research center,” with U.S.-based companies setting up research and clinical trials in Israel because “it’s essentially impossible to do it in the U.S.”

This is an outrage. We should be able to benefit from the research funded by our tax dollars! If we are not going to use the research for our betterment, then may we at least get the money spent on something worthwhile? Like maybe some real presidential candidates?

…just saying.



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