New Cannabis Strain Designed Specifically To Make Women Orgasm
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Wagner quoted in The Cut “After I smoked this one, I said ‘You know, honey, that was perfect’” to her partner. “Save it for next time” she added. The instance in which Karen’s most intense sexual experience happened may be slightly weird by normal standards, and actually quite confusing for many, but it was that very night she came up with an idea that was about to change her life in business terms.

Cannabis Strain Designed Specifically To Make Women Orgasm


Having already been in the game for quite some time, Wagner had experience and could easily get her head around the product. Thus, she began to develop a new type of strain that would give not only her – but any other woman – the opportunity to enhance and experience similar feelings and sensations to those she had while going through her most uplifting sexual interactions about 12 months back. Not surprisingly, she did succeed. Wagner started up her own company and now their main product is the result of hundreds of hours of brainstorming. It’s called “Sexxpot” and it is aimed at women especially, with the clear goal of helping them achieve mind-blowing, intense, full body orgasms during sexual intercourse.

What is Sexxpot?


Wagner’s New Product

The Cut reported that Wagner’s new product is a derivation from a less strong strain named “Mr. Nice”. With a 14% THC, Sexxpot is weaker than most strains on the market – which have a THC of around 18%-20% – and it was designed like this with good reason. Cannabis consultant and full-time nurse Eloise Theisen informed The Cut saying “women just need less THC in general. And high levels of THC can promote anti-estrogen activity.”

What is it all about?

The Cut claims “She says that’s a benefit, because the product will put you in a ‘sensual’ headspace and affect the body’s sensations without getting the smoker too high to actually do the deed.” Theisen adds “My guess is that Sexxpot, with the lower THC, regulates the body’s endocannabinoid system and helps bring back the balance of hormones, but without sacrificing the therapeutic properties.”


Sexxpot only available in San Francisco

Although it was already widely known that Marijuana – and others alike – was capable of providing aphrodisiac features, Wagner’s brand new product is the first one of its kind aimed at this specific audience. In many entrepreneurs’ perspectives, Sexxpot’s unique selling points is truly a gold mine, and with the market constantly growing, Wagner’s product is predicted a stable growth over the years.

Currently, Sexxpot is only available in the San Francisco Bay Area, although Wagner is positive that there will be room to expand distribution in the near future.


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