Smoking Weed Might Drying Up Your Vagina
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We all know that when we smoke marijuana we sometimes end up with some unruly cotton mouth.

This usually is the result of the strain and your body being dehydrated, which causes the severe drying effects inside your mouth. Some good old H20 will solve the problem of cotton mouth but does consuming cannabis cause dryness elsewhere?

New marijuana products for women's

Marijuana is introducing some new products specifically for women’s use and relief. Products for menstrual cramps are popping up all over the industry in various forms. It is actually a surprise that we are now just seeing these types of products reach the market. Women long before our time use to use marijuana based products to relieve the painful effects their little friend left them with. Queen Victoria, actually prescribed cannabis to deal with her “monthly visitor” as they called it back then.

Whoopi Goldberg has even co-founded a medical marijuana company for women that offers products in the forms of lotions, tinctures and bath soaks to relieve your cramps.


Other companies have like Foria, has taken a whole new approach to painful periods, cramps and even enhancing your sexy time! You can currently get cannabis medication from them in the form of a suppository that is meant to be used vaginally but you can use it rectally if you suffer from other conditions but their main purpose is for cramps.

The next product Foria offers is a sensual enhancement oil that is carefully blended to create a ‘therapeutic aphrodisiac’ to enhance your sexy fun time. The marijuana oil creates a relaxed effect as well as promotes blood flow to the clitoris to ensure you achieve that optimum orgasm we all desire.


Other companies offer various forms of lotions, creams and lubes that contain cannabis extracts to enhance one’s love life. With the recent growth in marijuana-based medications for sexual enhancement and menstrual relief, many are wondering if there are adverse effects from these products.

Let me explain it quick to you


Since smoking causes cotton mouth, does this mean that using marijuana for your vagina will cause you to have cotton vagina? Yes, that sound funny, but many people are speculating that marijuana will give you a dry vagina, the same way it gives you cotton mouth, but that is not the case at all. The salivary glands in your mouth which produce saliva are not related to your vaginal lubrication. Phew, that is a relief, thank goodness for biology, or we would have another reefer madness epidemic on the raise over cotton-crotch.

Marijuana does the opposite when using a lube or oil for sexual enhancement; it actually will help lubricate the vagina by increasing blood flow to the vagina, which is what creates the lubrication during arousal.

Let me show you few examples from studies

So if you are worried your dry vagina is from smoking marijuana or using the suppositories to treat your menstrual cramps, you can no longer blame the pot for your dry spot. Even a study in 2009 that surveyed 4,299 women, could not report enough vaginal dryness to find a correlation between pot and vaginal dryness.

More studies are continuing to be conducted to support the proof that marijuana does not give you cotton crotch and that with the right dosing you will be able to use it for both pain and pleasure. Just like an orgasm, marijuana is a pleasure which is something that cannot be measured.

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